Oakfield Parkonians Cricket Club - Club Statistics

Club Statistics

The Old Parkonians Cricket Club is now well into it's second century.  Over the years, there have been many notable performances, with bat and ball, and in the field, and like any Club with a long history we have collected a lot of statistics.  On the following pages, you can see the all-time career records of the leading batsmen and bowlers for the Club over the years, plus the career records for leading players since the turn of the century - our "averages for the 21st Century".

All time stats
records for batting and bowling, as far back as records have been kept.


Batting - all-time totals

Batting - 1,000 runs (or more) in a season

Batting - highest individual scores

Batting - highest partnerships


Bowling - all-time totals

Bowlling - individual records

All-round performances

All-round performances

New - averages for the 21st Century.

Batting - 21st century
Bowling - 21st century