Oakfield Parkonians Cricket Club - Two Degrees of Difference

Greatness is a Matter of Degree


A Retrospective on The Old Parkonians Cricket Club

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This retrospective on the Old Parks Cricket Club might be summed up as a Prince, a Lord, 3 Knights, 11 National Captains, 28 Players for their Country and 40 First Class players.  Add to that at least 4 OBEs, 2 CBEs and 5 MBEs – and an Olympic qualified Javelin thrower!

It’s a record that recalls the playing exploits of some of our own notable members and some of the outstanding achievers they competed with.  There are some surprises in here.  We have Test and other National players in our ranks.  We are linked with names that are known around the world.

The examples of world-class players show that that there are only shades of difference between good players and truly great ones – if we put our minds to it. 

Hence the title: good players can become great players.